Just say hello...

Felt like a w
ounded child, crying at a river
Dreaming a dream we never lived
I whisper towards the snow "Wake up
A lost page of my favourite journal
A diary from my tales..
Filled with hopes and stars
Coming up in the wind, these pictures
Light up my memory
Of how I feel you, what I believe is true
Scream a silent word
Throw it to the sky..
Flying like a bird, butterfly with broken wings
An arrow straight to me...
I fall down this life...
You follow me.. I'll just sit and stare at you
Let's whisper.. and dream tonight...

Broken arrow I stand, forever to believe
In a life that I live... in the night...that I dream...

Kissing your eyes tonight...just saying.."Hello..."

música: Ryan Adams - Wonderwall
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