Perfect little 7

in the blinding darkness
of the night it seems simple
all i know is that
i love you here right now

it's not as if i wanted
to fall so hard for you
or even understand
this won't conful them

i love my own way
i love you better
i love you inside all this
i love you forever

all this words are useless
when i look into your eyes
it's the simple truth of perfect,
little secret

with the only thing i'm sure of
and it makes it all so hard
all that other things are
broken out of focus

I've got a perfect little secret buried inside my skin...
I've got a love for you it aches inside my body
I love you deeply now
And knowing you feel the same
Makes me so happy...
Let's hide this secret amongst the sands of time and stick together... together forever....
Love You

música: Snow Patrol - perfect little secret
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