Girl, you'll be a woman...

Could you just lay down
With a no name disease
Still suffering the night
It all means nothing to me
When she raises her hand
Moving her eyes to the night
Time to be a slave
Time to disorganize
Proud and wicked
The whole world seems to see
Can you blind a woman
Figure blaming me
Found the keys to drive
She might walk her own way
Trying to realize
What she's shure of hanging on
Sure of finding a way
Can you blind a woman
Figuring it will be alright
When she lays the spangles
Nothing can keep her alive
All the lights she brings
Must not push her to dawn
Can you bling a woman
Still whispering her vows
Once she spoke to me strong
With a painless relief
Not to lost or found
Just seems so right to me
Than she starts me up
Reputation concealed
Begging for her cause
Eager to believe
Complaints and sorrows
Never lead her nowhere
Won't you blind a woman avoiding
Walk to despair

I wish a wonderful day to all the women in the world.

As mulheres são o melhor do mundo.
Com a sua doçura, encantam-nos, o seu carinho que nos prende, a sua paixão, o seu enorme coração.
São belas... e frágeis.Vamos todos cuidar das nossas mulheres.
A mulher é única.
E eu tenho que agradecer, porque tenho a meu lado a melhor que poderia querer.
Um óptimo dia!

música: Blind Zero - Woman
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