Everlong, you and me


I've waited here for you




I throw myself into

and out of the red out of her head she sang


Come down and waste away with me

down with me

Slow out you wanted it to be

over my head, out of my head she sang


and I wonder

when I sing along with you

If everything could ever feel this real forever

If anything could ever be this good again

the only thing I'll ever ask of you

you've got to promise not to stop when I say when


Breathe out

so I can breathe you in

Hold you in


and now

I know you've always been

out of your head out of my head i sang

I'm here in this pitch, waiting like a mad

Whispering in the wind

Crawling from the dead

With my mind on an angel

This could be real

If you're always here

Now.. you're tottally with me

I sing happilly


We'll forever be

...come down, come near

waste me, taste me

Feel me.

..touch my heart - you're here!


música: Foo Fighters - Everlong
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