The voices were kept silently, stored in my closet... Today I re-opened it and sturve the words away

I'll just keep writing, keeping the thoughts flowing, And whipering, deep in my heart.

A lot has changed during my silent time, but the most important kept lying within.



Underneath my skin, this tension, this passion

Lights waking up the monsters

Storms coming and going, coming and going

Life ain't easy, although no one said it was

As someone sung one day...


The mistery of life, of growth came thumbling down

through the hallway of a passion

waking me up during the night


I was lying here, byting my nails

screaming inside... no.. I'm awake

I live here, I sleep here


You're here with me, and that makes me wanna wake up

And always be awake, and live and feel...and touch


Breathe in, breathe out...

Breathe in, breathe out...

Swim, swim, swim


'Cause I'm getting here... to life as we know it,

Step by step, day by day



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